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Local SEO is Critical For Small Business.

Local search engine optimization is a unique area of traditional SEO. It is geared towards customers within a certain geographical area. Local SEO is a current trend among search engines to show local businesses when users search for a location specific product and/or service. Due to this, the use of traditional yellow pages to find local businesses has been all but eliminated. When a customer in Orlando searches for "grocery store", the top ranked results local to the area are shown on a map displaying grocery stores near the customer’s location. You may be a furniture store in Orlando with an awesome website, however your customers won't be able to find you if you aren't in the top results of your local search.

When investing in local search optimization, your chances of being listed first in map-based results or local search results improve drastically. Generally this type of optimization is based on a specific set of service and location combinations (i.e. Flowers+Orlando). Depending on your type of business and the keywords used in a certain search, it's possible to turn up in the geotargeted local results. This has many advantages, including:

  • Extra details about your business such as address, phone, payments and hours
  • Top-of-page search results positioning
  • Increased trust and credibility
  • Offline sales opportunities
  • Map icons which enhance your local business listing in the results
  • Driving directions included with your local search listing
  • Display and promotion of your company’s video content and images
  • Reviews and ratings from your local customers
  • Opportunities to interact with your customers
  • Extra advertising channels targeting local prospects

Local Search is Constantly Evolving

Local search technology uses a completely different algorithm to decide ranking than a search engine’s standard organic search results. Due to this, the rules of local SEO are a completely new portion of off-page optimization. This requires careful attention to the right details. It also is good to have expertise that comes from someone who understands the seemingly endless changes that occur as local search evolves. What may have been a perfect optimization method last week can be completely obsolete by the week after. Even worse, those methods may actually harmyour overall SEO campaign. Hence the importance of having local SEO experts working with you to optimize your site's content, local listings and building the right citations to improve your credibility with search engines.

Put Your Business on The Map

Local search is paving the way to the future. Provide your business with a huge boost in increased visibility with Local Search Optimization. Florida Web Authority want to help you put your business on the map!

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