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Driven to be creative professional your success

We are a team of creative web development and marketing specialists working together to design, build and market bigger, better and faster web pages and mobile apps. We want to help you bring your business to life. Whether you are looking for a simple web page, or an app that works across all platforms, we can build it for you.

We specialize in frontend and backend development, mobile apps, and marketing. If you can dream it, our team can design, build and market it. Let Florida Web Authority bring your business to the web. And if you're already here, let us help you get the visibility you need.

Our best skills

Web Development and Design, Local Marketing, PPC Campaign Management, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile App Development, SEO Audits, Reputation Management, and Social Media Marketing & Management.

PHP & Perl
Local Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
jQuery / Javascript
API Development
Mysql / PostgreSQL
Reputation Management
Social Media Marketing

Who we are

Dedicated to helping our clients realize their full potential utilizing best practices for mobile-friendly design, search and social marketing, branding, and conversion. We are industry leaders, we are technological innovators, and we are community supporters. We refuse to merely compete.

Precision and a passion for excellence are distinct qualities each and every team member at the Florida Web Authority possesses. In fact we reinforce those key ingredients with our team on a daily basis. This is what we feel ultimately sets us apart from anyone else in the space. With laser-like precision and the passion for excellence, we know we are always over-delivering on client expectations.

As we grow, both as a company, and in our expertise, so does our need to better understand the digital and social landscape. To this end we adopted a practice of self teaching and constant innovation. As we delve in to the abyss of newly discovered techniques and solutions, we give back to the community by sharing this newfound wealth with the industry, and our clients.

We are always looking for the best and brightest new talent in the scopes we cover. If you feel you can adopt our philosophy to wards excellence; If you feel you can perform above expectations; If you know you have a hidden rockstar inside you somewhere yearning to get loose; Then you could be the next awesome member of our dream team. Apply as a Graphic Design, Web Development, Marketing / Sales, or Copywriting rockstar!

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