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Many small business owners have found out the hard way that the "If you build it, they will come" mentality of website operation holds no merit. Your website has no guarantee of seeing any traffic, let alone highly targeted traffic that can be converted into sales. To really succeed with your website you'll need to take advantage of copywriters that can combine the best of two important worlds:

  1. Your website has to reach out to your targeted audience, drawing them in, providing them the information they are interested in and selling them on your products or services.
  2. Your website must be easily found by the search engines, aligning you with your targeted niche so you rank highly and see a steady stream of engaged traffic.

Writing for your targeted audience

When people visit a website they immediately need a reason to stay. In other words, in the eyes of fickle Internet searchers, your website is guilty until proven innocent. That means you have to provide visitors with high quality content that is directly related to what they are interested in.

It also means providing that content in a manner that they can relate to. You have to match tones, provide an insightful perspective, design highly readable and engaging content and still close the deal with language that can make a sale.

Writing for the search engines

In order to get individual pages on your website ranking highly in the search engines, your content will need to be carefully constructed to their requirements. That means using appropriate keywords, longtail keyword phrases and other related terminology and information that matches up with your market.

You must be adept at placing those keywords in the right places and in the right fashion, all the while not alienating your human visitors whom you're actually reaching out to.

Either of those on their own can be tricky, but combining the two takes a lot of research, planning, knowledge and effort. You need to combine the two tactics to produce a cohesive whole. Both are equally important to your website's success. Writing for the search engines is what will help get targeted traffic to your site, and writing for your targeted audience will help convert that traffic into paying clientele.

At The Florida Web Authority, we'll handle all of your SEO copywriting needs. We'll deliver high quality content, matched both to the consumer's needs and to the requirements of the search engines. Our team of professional writers will research and produce top notch content that effectively interweaves the two halves of effective SEO copywriting.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Let us show you how we can help drive your business into the new year.