Frontend Development (Programming)

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The best websites are the ones that are customized to the exact needs and desires of not just your business, but also your customers. "Out of the box" websites may be easy and cheap to setup, but they'll fall short when it comes to providing all of the functionality that you're looking for. Good luck if you need anything changed or customized, or if you are looking to stand out from the crowd.

At The Florida Web Authority we can provide a full range of custom web programming work. Whether you are looking for a site made from scratch to your exact specifications, or you are looking to add onto your site with new tools, features, conveniences or options, we have the tools and the knowledge to exceed your expectations.

There are many reasons why our clients keep on coming back to us and why they pass on their recommendations to their friends.

Cutting out the Jargon

Few things are worse than having a conversation with your mechanic only to realize that you owe a great deal of money, you aren't exactly sure why and you're fairly certain that you're getting screwed. The same thing happens to small business owners looking to improve their website with custom programming.

At The Florida Web Authority however, we cut out all of the jargon and talk to you one-on-one and in language you can understand. No fancy terminology to try to impress or overwhelm you, no hidden costs masked by fancy "programming talk". Our goal isn't to confuse you or squeeze every cent out of you that we can. Our goal is to provide the exact programming that you're looking for a price you can afford to pay.


We have a great deal of experience with all aspects of web programming, covering the spectrum for anything you may possibly be interested in. From basic HTML and JavaScript to more intricate PHP, PERL, MySQL and more, we have the know how to get the job done for you. Whether you are looking for a members only section for your site, a secure shopping cart or anything else, we've been there and done that.


As mentioned, at The Florida Web Authority we don't try to charge the highest price that we can. We charge a price that our clients - small business owners such as yourself - can afford. We have reasonable rates that reflect current market standards. Our goal is to provide the best, most affordable custom programming on the market.

Customer Service

We understand that every single client we work with is different; different needs, different desires and different budgetary limits. That's why we treat each situation as its own, and strive to provide the utmost in customer service. We'll listen to your input and keep you informed at every step of the process to ensure you're getting what you wanted, at the price you wanted it and at the time you needed it by.

There's no limit to the programming services that we can provide for you. We'll write and develop entirely new programs and scripts that mesh with what you're ideal vision for a new website, or we can tweak existing scripts we've created to fit your specifications.

Whether it's a new site from scratch, an extra feature to your website to enhance the customer experience or improved functionality on the backend of your site allowing you to have more control and access, at The Florida Web Authority we will be able to satisfy your needs.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Let us show you how we can help drive your business into the new year.